Share your concerns to my Instagram about Dubai expenses, let's chat through and i can explain expenses of different life styles, This Video is mainly about expenses of High End Engineer Life above average, Family Expenses varies from 5k to 12k Dhs depending upon different lifestyles, kids education, location and type of flat, etc etc.

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Dubai: Stock up on groceries! Most fruit and vegetable prices to further steady this coming week
No reason to see a spike in cost of groceries as prices stay largely unchanged!

COVID-19: All you need to know about mosques, other places of worship reopening in the UAE
Dubai:With the cost of most grocery items, including the price of fruits, vegetables, most meats, poultry and seafood, staying in check particularly towards the end of this week, it is safe to say there won't be any major price hikes in the upcoming week as well.

During the second half of the week, price of items that were constantly seen fluctuating earlier – like chicken and some types of fish like Hamour and Salmon – remained largely unchanged.

A similar price stabilization was seen among daily costs of a kilo of every variety of fruits and vegetables in the market, making it ideal to get some shopping done this weekend.

What'll it be – chicken or fish?
Alongside the price of all fishes, the cost of poultry and red meats stayed the same on Thursday, compared to a day before, so plans to cook up a non-vegetarian dish this weekend – while prices stay in check – can definitely be set in motion without having to worry too much about higher costs.

Vegetables like red onions and tomatoes are common staple products whose prices keep fluctuating back and forth during the course of any week. However, it was observed that this week saw minimal price changes in both the items, when compared to previous weeks.

Onions remain the most cost-effective

A kilo of onions remain the most cost-effective vegetable with prices starting at Dh1.8, currently at its lowest level this week. Tomatoes and cucumbers remain largely at the same price level as prior weeks.

So, those have been constantly worrying about their diet and health, no time like the present to begin having meals high in nutrition-content and veggie-rich as costs remained largely unchanged the past few weeks and is expected to be steady in the days to come.

Time to stock up on veggies and fruits!
On Thursday, the cost of every vegetable item stayed unchanged, except for the price of a kilo of lettuce, which now starts at Dh4, versus Dh5 seen yesterday – rising by Dh1.

The cost of fruits too remained the same – so if you were craving a generous helping of fruits this weekend – go for it! Either that or you could help yourself to a fruit-based milkshake too.

Also, for those eyeing costs closely, you will be relieved that pantry items like rice, sugar, flour and pasta have cost the same for several weeks now.

Price control will be received well by residents!

The fallout from the coronavirus pandemic has forced several families and individuals to make economic adjustments. Therefore, any price control on one of their biggest expenses – groceries – is pleasant news for Dubai residents.

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