Dave Kunz grew up riding in the back seat of his aunt and uncle’s 1965 Ford Mustang. Years later, Dave was lucky enough to be able to buy that same car from them. Whether it’s the smell of the vinyl interior or the rumble of the 289 V-8 through dual exhausts, every bit of the driving experience transports him back to an earlier time, renewing his child-like sense of awe for the automobile.

If there’s one simple truth, it’s this: Days you drive that special car are better than days you don’t. Maybe it’s not the fastest, cleanest, or even most reliable car. But it’s yours. And every time you turn the key and hear that engine roar to life, something fantastic happens. Whether it’s hot laps around the local track or a slow Sunday cruise with the family to load up on ice cream, your car is the place you make memories. This is “Why I Drive.”

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