This time on the AutoEdits Drive Your Adventures series of videos… we go to the heart of Death Valley… in the middle of July… in Large Marge the 1973 Mustang!
Yep, we put the Mustang to the ultimate test in one of the harshest climates on planet Earth. There were record setting high temperatures in the 120 plus degree range and I show you how to not just survive a trip like this but to ENJOY IT!
The two main themes of the video are… get out and enjoy your project car however you can AND get out to Death Valley to explore whenever you can, even summertime. The places I highlight in this visit are all accessible with a regular car (no 4×4 needed) and even better yet…all easily done in a single day!
The key for me is to have a nice place to base camp out of so I stay at The Ranch at Death Valley… cool rooms, good food and a spring fed pool to cool off in.
It's hard to express how proud I am that the Mustang performed so well on this trip. When you put so much hard work into a project and have it survive such punishment it means a lot. The Total Control Products suspension and steering made the Mustang feel amazing down the highway at any speed and is a ton of fun in the twisty canyon roads. I have a Dakota Digital VHX instrument panel in there and keep finding new things that make it more useful and the perfect blend of modern performance and classic looks. Speaking of classic… the Classic Auto Air system worked really good (need to get those vents… anybody have a 1973 center vent I can buy?) and the Painless Performance wiring harness never missed a volt. Another hero component is the BeCool Radiator and fan combo… can you believe this thing didn't overheat… I was shocked and impressed!
Make sure to check out all of those install videos for more information on all of those systems as they got installed into this vehicle.

If you'd like, I can put together a google map of this trip… just let me know.

I don't have a deal worked out with the hotel in this video but if you happen to call for a reservation because of this… please tell them "LARGE MARGE SENT YA"
Makes me laugh just to think about it and couldn't hurt… plus if they get enough… maybe they'll throw in a frosty beverage of your choice… who knows!

Thank you so much for watching…Enjoy your drive!

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