The saying goes “Waiting is the hardest part,” and if you ever doubted the truth in that aphorism, just talk to Natasha “Mustang Marie” De Melis.

Calling De Melis a “Mustang enthusiast” is like calling the Pope “an ardent Catholic.” The 31-year-old eats, lives, and breathes Mustang, both professionally – until recently, she worked for Ford’s social media team – and in her free time, running her own “Mustang Marie” website, Facebook, and Instagram pages.

She’s spent hours upon hours digging through Ford’s corporate archives; has met, interviewed, and befriended many of the big names in the Mustang world, including the pony car’s now-late stylist, Gale Halderman; and has even memorized the options and VIN-code breakdowns for most first-gens. Yes, give her the serial number of your ’66 hardtop, and she’ll tell you off the top of her head where it was built, and with what engine and features.

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